Susan Ullman

Susan Ullman, born in Tennessee, resided in New York City for most of her life. She has traveled extensively and has developed an appreciation of other ethnic groups and their art as it relates to their culture. Mexican, American Indian and Japanese art have had a strong influence on her art from an early age.

The artist holds an M.F.A. from Columbia University. She also studied at the Art Students' League where she became inspired by several well- known artists. Among these artists were Matisse, Chagall and Klee. Ullman recalls having a love of paper and the collage effect from an early age. She also derives her inspiration from a deep desire to retain a sense of magic and fantasy within her life. She translates these sensibilities through her use of hand-made papers and various paints and pastels, to create a colorful, rhythmic environment. Ullman defies tradition by stretching her materials beyond conventional limits. Her papers are superimposed on a painted background, and layered to evoke a magical, dream-like effect. The artist is playful with her materials and is not afraid to take risks.

Besides having a background in dance, Ullman is a professional baker and a published poet. In her art, she has developed her own style of colorful movement and magical imagery. Her works has been exhibited extensively, both nationally and internationally. They have appeared in museums and private corporate collections. Ullman has had many solo exhibitions in prominent galleries in the New York area.

She currently resides in Ardsley, New York and can be reached at 914 478 6338.